Sunny BioDiscovery, Inc.
Sunny BioDiscovery, Inc. - a biotech and contract research
laboratory specialized in the development
and testing of
, dermatology and wound healing products from
natural sources.
  • One of the greatest opportunities of the recent years is the increasing
    understanding of the molecular mechanisms of human aging and age-
    associated diseases. In parallel, more insight is gained into the
    mechanisms of reparative processes occurring in human bodies, such
    as skin regeneration, resolution of skin inflammatory diseases and
    wound healing. It appears that these processes have several pathways
    in common. They involve regulation of cell growth and differentiation,
    oxidative stress, inflammation and macromolecular glycation, making  
    hypodermis (skin fatty layer), extracellular matrix, resident immune and
    stem cells - just to name a few - broad therapeutic targets for the
    treatment of a vast array of conditions, such as aged, photoaged,
    inflamed & diabetic skin, and wounds.

  • Although the concepts of stem cell, immuno- and lipo-modulatory
    therapies are relatively new, the remedies targeting these processes
    have been unsuspectedly used for thousands of years by traditional
    medicine practitioners, in the form of herbal extracts and soups. Sunny
    BioDiscovery is leveraging its solid expertise in traditional-medicinal and
    basic biomedical fields, to identify and validate bioactive cosmeceuticals
    and drug-candidates from plants with proven therapeutical activity. Our
    portfolio of innovative products includes lipo- and glycation-modulatory,
    collagen-stimulatory, metalloproteinase-inhibitory and anti-oxidant

  • Thus, in this new era of Integrative Medicine, Sunny BioDiscovery is set
    to fill the gap between modern medical/cosmeceutical needs and the
    therapeutic potential of traditional herbal wisdom. For more information
    about our science, products as well as contract research & testing
    services, click on the corresponding tabs.